Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A leak

Yesterday morning we realized that Brayden's G-J tube had a slit on the side. Hmmm...
The food was coming out, stomach/intestinal juices were coming out...not good.

Since the G-J tube is the only way he gets nutrition and fluids, a leaking tube presents an urgent situation.

I spoke with Brayden's GI specialist and he wanted us to come to the ER. I did not. I asked if we could make it through the night then could we come in the morning? The doctor said that it was fine but if at any time he was not getting enough fluids we were to bring him in.

The tube made it through the night (do not even ask how we made it work...the doctor would not be happy with us). Left the house this morning and headed downtown to Children's. We waited in Radiology for the doctor and a room to open up.

We waited over three hours.


The radiologist that works with Brayden's GI team, knows us by now as well as his techs. So we got to bypass the usual shpeal. Brayden was strapped to the table. Out with the old tube...this time it was a bit more difficult than the past several times. The tube seemed stuck and the doctor had to give it several good tugs to come out...if you do not remember Brayden is awake for this procedure. Brayden was mad and hurting. The old tube was out and the new one put in. Looking and working good.

I even snapped a picture. Since we know these people by now, it does not bother me to take a picture. This time with my phone...next I may bring the big camera!


Shannon said...

So sorry to hear about this. I hope the new tube stays in place for awhile. Never a dull day...

Michelle said...

I so sorry you both had to go through this, hopefully he is doing better all though reading the wedding story and the leaking formula hope they are not related.

Keri said...

My heart goes out to you and little man Brayden. I absolutely HATE getting Logan's feeding tube replaced. Just like Brayden, he is awake and they do all the yanking, pulling, and pushing while Logan belts out an enormous scream. It's horrifying. You are never far from our thoughts.