Monday, March 30, 2009

When is it too sick?

The past week has not been fun in our house. Everyone came down with some sort of bug. It felt like that bug was never going to leave. I am happy to announce that the bug is on its way out! But not without some drama.

As I mentioned in a previous post, Brayden was the first one sick. He got better, then Luke and then Carter. I thought Brayden was in the clear...

Think again.

On Saturday afternoon and evening, Brayden was out of it. Very out of it. Awake but as lethargic as someone could be and still be awake. It kind of creeped me out a bit. After some good daddy snuggle time watching college basketball, I scooped up Brayden to get ready for bed. Before I made it to his room, he started to a very violent way. Remember, he still does not get food in his tummy so he was vomiting bile and it burns.

After he settled down (I had not), we put him in bed. Then Sunday morning I found him laying in vomit. Oh yes, bloody vomit. Can you feel my heart beating faster?! I stripped him down to get ready for a bath and checked his temperature. It read 102.5. I checked it again and again. Each time reading about the same. That is a high temp for Brayden whose normal temperature is around 97.

I immediately put him in the bath and called the doctor. I was some what preparing for a trip to the ER but really hoping we did not get to that point.

I was talking with the doctor about managing him at home and that became the plan. Some motrin, pedialyte and lots of loving.

Here is what I struggle with about Brayden...I have no idea what is ok and not ok for him being sick. When is it too much? What can his compromised body handle? What are the signs that something is really wrong? Will I know? Basically do I panic or not. My other two boys, I know what to do for them. They can tell me what is wrong or I can read their signs. Brayden, not so much. High temperatures, not good. Vomiting blood, not good. Extremely lethargic, not good. But what to do? Can I really manage things at home?

The remainder of the day and today Brayden is doing much better. His fever has gone down. He is congested and that is not comfortable when most of your life is on your back but we are able to do some nebulizer treatments and still giving him motrin.

Thankfully it seems as though the bug is finally leaving our house.

During bedtime prayers last night, Carter prayed for Brayden to feel better because he was tired of it.

Mommy is too.


K said...

I am so sorry Brayden is sick...we're praying he feels better quickly!

Shannon said...

I hope you are all feeling better today and able to enjoy this beautiful sunshine!!