Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Transition to Special Ed

Brayden will be attending preschool in the fall.


That is correct. Brayden will be attending preschool in the fall.

If I tell myself that several times a day then maybe...just maybe I will be ready for him to go when the time comes.

Today was our first of many meetings transitioning Brayden from the Early Intervention program to Special Education with the public schools. Today's meeting was pretty simple; an explanation of the process and paperwork to sign. Our county's Early Intervention program is amazing. Brayden's current therapists are assisting with the transition to school and attend the meetings.

Preschool? Why so early? He is just a baby right!?

Brayden will be two years old next month! If we start the preschool transition now then his early intervention services can help us facilitate the process (this is a huge help for us and probably does not make much sense to anyone other than parents who have gone through a similar process).

Special Education Preschool is much different than regular preschool...
  • Brayden will be riding a special bus (I get choked up even thinking about that already and I will be following that bus for a while if not driving him). We can wheel him right on the bus in his KidKart.
  • Brayden will be attending an elementary school that is equipped with a special education preschool.
  • The classroom will have other children with special needs.
  • Brayden will more than likely receive physical therapy, occupational therapy, vision,... as part of school.
  • Brayden will more than likely attend just a few days a week. The amount of days and time will be determined at a future meeting.
  • Jeremy and I will attend many meetings for transition, eligibility, IEPs...
  • Lots of paperwork.
  • And tons more of things we will come to learn.
What do I think of it all?

I am not sure yet. I am pretty sure Brayden will enjoy school. He is social and enjoys being around people. He prefers to be around people. I, on the other hand, prefer him to be around me! I get overwhelmed thinking about sending him to a new place, with new people and new noises to try and process. His world is so small, only involving a few places and not a lot of people. Sending him to school is completely new, in every way.

What does Brayden think of it all?

Oh he slept through the entire meeting...snoring.
Looking something like this:


Unknown said...

My good friend has a son with Cerebral Palsy and he flourished so much once he got to school. He was so proud of everything he did and it helped him so much! We were all so happy.... I pray that you will have the same experience!!!!

Shannon said...

I remember crying when I put Wavey on the bus last fall. It was so difficult. But she loves it!! I can't wait to hear about the school option in more detail on Sunday.

Andrea said...

Oh my goodness! Brayden and preschool! I think he'll love it.