Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Still has the yucks

Brayden still has some serious yucks. I know yuck is not a sophisticated medical term but it best describes Brayden at this moment.

He has lots of snot...tons of snot. It is draining and draining right down his throat. Since sitting up right or even being on his stomach is not much of an option for him. All of the draining is causing him to cough. A cough so hard that it turns into a vomit. When he vomits it is hard for him to get it under control. It is so violent and looks painful. The vomit is mostly the drainage, mixed with stomach bile and some drops of blood (ok that might have been too much information).

Brayden is now on some medication, the nebulizer and we are using that oh so wonderful nose sucking device (which every child loves...not really).

Even a bad cold is harder for him than my other boys. They can sit up, sleep on their side or back, blow their nose, tell me what I can do to help...


Unknown said...

I think Yuck! is just the word to use, with all that you have been through lately. In fact I was thinking about you earlier today, and hoping Brayden was feeling better since your last posts. I am sure you are emotionally and physically drained....sounds like a mani/pedi kind of cure!

Shannon said...

I wish I had some cure all to offer you. We have always found, at least with our kids, that a humidifier can make difference. The mucus is thinned and doesn't cause as much blockage or choking. I am sure you already thought of this though - you are a brilliant mom.

I am off to Children's Fairfax this morning. Any chance you will be there, too? We will have to begin coordinating our schedules and do lunch after. :)