Thursday, January 15, 2009

Two months and counting

It has been two months since Brayden was started on the formula Elecare.

It has been two months of no vomit.

I am singing the Hallelujah chorus from the hills of Waterford. Can you hear me?

It seems as though the new, ultra-sensitive formula is doing the trick. With in the first twenty four hours of using Elecare Brayden stopped vomiting. The only times that he has vomited were seizures related. He was uncomfortable when the formula was first started but in retrospect probably was him not sleeping well and some serious teething, which by the way takes forever when not eating or putting anything into the mouth to help get those teeth out.

Since the end of last April Brayden had been vomiting and over time the vomiting got worse. He started with a G-tube, then moved to a G-J tube. Only receiving food and medications into his J-tube (that goes into the intestine and bypasses the stomach completely). He was still vomiting all of the stomach juices and that quickly turned bloody.

Brayden was tested for allergies, had milk studies (he has very delayed gastric emptying), scooped a few times and many medications. After 2 911 calls, 2 hospital stays, several hospital outpatient procedures, too many doctor visits, too many panic phone calls to any doctor that would talk to us...there were NO results. Nothing to stop the vomiting. One doctor actually suggested that this might be something Brayden had to live with.

I am learning to be okay with many of Brayden's conditions but the vomiting...I was not okay with.

Everyday we walk a fine line when dealing with his seizures. How many is too many? When do we give the heavy duty medication; when is it time to increase his daily meds?

I could not do that with the vomiting. How many times to too many? We were up to at least 6 times a day of vomiting. How much is too much? He was vomiting stomach bile and blood. How many medications should we try? He was on four (in addition to his seizure meds) and tried some others.

Our last visit with the GI doctor he just suggested we try this formula Elecare. We walked out of that office feeling like the formula was not the answer, it was just one last try before another surgery. The GI doctor fully expected to see Brayden in a couple of weeks.

Once the UPS delivered the Elecare, Brayden's life has changed. He is happier. Mommy and Daddy are much happier.

Brayden is still receiving his formula through the J-tube. We have not tried his stomach for anything other than his reflux medications. The hope is that the GI doctor will let his tummy be reintroduced to things. Brayden seems ready.

Hooray for Elecare and lots of prayers!


Anonymous said...

Go Brayden, go Brayden. You are such a little trooper and I LOVE reading good news about you! Big hugs to mommy too!

the deKorne family said...

That made me cry. I am so thankful and happy and relieved for you. That is absolutely not something you should have to deal with every day...I'm so thankful!

Star Forbis said...

Thanks so much for visiting my Blog and Laughing with me. Come back any time.

Keri said...

So happy to hear Brayden's been vomit free for two months. These situations surely take a toll on the family. We just recently put Logan on Zantac for reflux. It took us a while to figure out what all his screaming and crying was about. Now, it's a big relief and I'm sure you know exactly what I'm talkin about.

Sending more prayers for Brayden to be able to tolerate new things in his belly. He'll be in my thoughts.