Friday, January 16, 2009

Is she okay?

Our good friends just had their third child. A precious baby girl. Our boys are good friends with their oldest (when they are out). We have not really had the opportunity to visit with them and love on the new baby girl so we invited them over this coming Tuesday. I was telling Carter and Luke last night about the plan, they were obviously thrilled. They think every moment of their life should be a play date.

After discussing what they wanted to do; play games, have snacks, maybe a movie... I told them that the family was going to bring the new baby and it will be exciting to see her!

Then Carter asked, "Is she okay?"

I looked at him, puzzled, and asked, "What do you mean?"

He replied, "The baby, is she okay?"

I said, "Yes, she is just fine."

Carter was not pleased with my answer, "I mean is she okay or is she like Brayden?"

I was a bit taken back.

Carter went on to ask, "Can she see and stuff. Is she sick? You know, like Brayden."

I just replied, "She can see and is doing great. She is a healthy, happy baby."

That seemed sufficient enough for him but my head was swirling a bit. Wondering how he processes the idea of Brayden in comparison to other babies. Do they realize how different Brayden is, how different our life is? Does it effect them? Do they worry?

We do not really speak to Carter and Luke about how Brayden is different than most babies they know, although things are a becoming more obvious as Brayden gets older. We address some things as the boys bring them up. They know Brayden sees many doctors and has many needs. But how do they compare that to other children?

I have no idea.

This is their life. They have a baby brother with many special needs. Is he okay? I don't know.


Keri said...

This is a toughy. Logan's little brother is 20 months. Oh, that reminds me, Brayden is 21 months right? What date is his b-day? Levi is May 1. I didn't realize they were so close in age. Anyway, Levi is too young to inquire about it, but I know he knows something. I often wonder what he thinks of his big brother.

Tara Bennett said...

Stopping by through Keri's blog.

What a precious boy. He loves his brother. He is more aware how fragile life is, and what a blessing good health is. He will be more insightful because of the blessings Brayden brings to your life.

Debbie said... really do leave us slack jawed sometimes don't they. I would love to be in their little brains wondering what they think about especially in these type of situations...One thing is evident from the pics and the videos, Carter and Luke LOVE their little brother...