Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Not so generic anymore

This time of year, many people sit around a table full of food and share things that they are thankful for, Thanksgiving. I would have to admit that in years past my list of things I am thankful for, has been pretty generic; a list of things that many people probably have said or heard. “I am thankful for my faith, family, good health…”

This year is officially different for me. I have come to appreciate and be thankful for many new things, small things and even some hard things. Beyond my generic list of being thankful for my faith, family, good health (sort of)… here is my not so complete, not in any particular order, list for this year:

I am so deeply thankful for Jeremy. His love and love for our boys. This year has been hard, he and I have done our best to get through it and rise to the challenges.

I am thankful for my boys. I could blog about them for days.

I am thankful for amazing friends. We have new friendships, built up old ones and come to rely on so many. Jeremy has amazing college friends that pray for us and call on a regular basis. I have some amazing moms that I talk with regularly about anything from serious medical issues with Brayden to the serious discussion about the Hills (don’t even ask).

I am thankful for the countless people that have lifted up our family in prayer. People that we may or may not have actually meet. I am thankful for each email, comment and phone call. So many have helped us with information, guidance and support in ways that I never imagined I would need but did/do.

I am thankful for Waterford, yes Waterford. A long time ago, God knew that we would be here, a sweet little community that is nestled in Loudoun County.
This community has a top elementary school where Carter started Kindergarten and loves it.
We have wonderful neighbors that have become wonderful friends, friends that help us more than we could ever repay them.
Waterford has beautiful sunsets and open spaces that we enjoy everyday.

I am thankful for the countless doctors and nurses that continue to help our family. Doctors that we trust and trust us. Brayden has some amazing doctors that not only treat him but make Carter and Luke comfortable (the sticker drawer has been raided many times).

I am thankful for the hard times this year has brought upon our family. My relationship with Jeremy has been strengthened. We have learned not to take a “normal” day for granted. We love our boys more and more. We have learned God’s complex design for the human body and come to appreciate the idea of good health on an entirely new level.

I am thankful for a smile. I treasure a smile.
Smile from my children. Carter’s sweet smile. Luke’s adventurous smile. Brayden’s rare and precious smile. We do not take a smile for granted in this house.
Smile from friends and strangers. Smiles of love, understanding and support.

What things have been added to your thankful list?

Here is a smile passed your way, wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving.

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Courtney said...

i read lots of great posts today..about thanksgiving. but yours is my favorite.

sending you a smile!