Saturday, November 22, 2008

Toddler Tantrums

Brayden is not talking, “normal” talking is not in his near future. However, he has sounds that are all his own. The past few weeks he had become louder, making sure that he is heard. He wants someone to talk with him, he demands attention.

I started to notice that his cries are becoming more distinctive. He has never been much of a crier. I guess he has enough big things like needles, tests, doctors, nurses, etc. to cry about so everything else seems manageable. This past week he has been crying more. Tuesday night he screamed for 2 ½ hours. Any parent knows that non-stop screaming from your child is the hardest thing to hear. It is drains you like nothing else. This night Brayden was miserable. It seemed as though he was in pain and it was unbearable. We did not know how to comfort him or take care of whatever was bothering him. We had no idea what to do having tried a little bit of everything, including more medication. Jeremy and I took turns rocking him. He eventually cried himself to sleep (we almost did the same thing).

The next day he was in a pretty good mood and even did great with his OT on a therapy ball. Then came the evening, he started to cry. Jeremy swooped him up and settled into our big comfy chair by the fire. It came time for bed and Jeremy gently placed him into his crib. Brayden started to cry. We left the room hoping that he would calm down. He did not. I went back into his room and picked him up, he stopped crying. A few minutes later I put him back into his crib, he started to cry again. I listened to him. I realized this cry was different. He was not in pain like he was the night before. He wanted to be held and he was having a temper tantrum that he was not getting his way. The crying lasted for only a few minutes when he realized that he was in the crib to stay. I peeked at him to make sure he was okay and he was just laying there, awake, no problem.

Last night the crying started again. He screamed in the car for 40 minutes while I drove the boys to their grandparents house for dinner. Jeremy was meeting us there so I called him to let him know that Brayden and I were dropping off Carter and Luke then heading home. Brayden cried/screamed on and off for the next few hours. Having no idea how to console him, I wrapped in him in a blanket, sat in a dark room and held him tight. He cried himself to sleep again.

I actually wish he would just have a toddler tantrum.

As I type this he is screaming/crying again.

Can I have a tantrum?

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Dave and Ev said...

Jeremy and Carrie,

Your dad, Jeremy, pointed me to this site. We'll pray for you guys. I have a grandson named Brayden who is 4 years old and I sent them the site also. I appreciate your ability to trust and love God in spite of the bumps in the road.
Dave Southwell, ABWE -- Adm. for Brazil.