Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Little change, Huge change

Brayden has been on the new formula, Elecare, for two weeks. In those two weeks we have seen a huge decrease in the vomiting. In fact, it has only happened a couple of times. That is huge in comparison to the vomiting several times a day that was happening.

I must admit that I was a bit sceptical about the Elecare and a slight change in medication. After the countless tests and doctors with no answers, would a little change in formula and meds really make a difference? It sure did.

We are thrilled that the vomiting has almost gone away (also thrilled not to be doing laundry and baths every minute of the day).

Although, Brayden seems to be in pain.

Pain from what we do not know. Many times this past week he has been screaming in pain. He is not really a crier so we are not sure the best way to comfort him. A few nights he just cried himself to sleep.

It could be the new formula/meds or teething. Since he does not do anything orally, teething can be a bit of a pain. It takes longer for the teeth to come through. It looks as though he has 4-5 teeth trying to make an appearance. We are hoping that his discomfort is just the pains of teething.

If only he could tell us...


Courtney said...

carrie - that's so GREAT that he's not vomiting as much! but i understand how hard it must be to hear the crying...lots of that over here too! and not knowing what it's for/from. as always, i'm praying for you!

Leah said...

i'm glad to hear that you've found something that works. the vomiting is so scary. i hope that the crying is really just those little teeth pushing through. can you even imagine what that must feel like? thanks for the update, i think of you and family often :)