Friday, December 12, 2008

Prayer for a baby

Friends from Taylor Unversity, Mark and Heidi Dekorne have two little girls. The youngest, Kaiya is about two months old. A few days ago they found her unresponsive with a high fever. She was rushed to the hospital.

According to their updates:
Kaiya has been diagnosed with bacterial meningitis. She is currently receiving blood, being treated with broad spectrum antibiotics, and sedated so that she can rest peacefully.
I just left the room because they are putting in the feeding tube. This will put breast milk directly into her small intestine. (the juju-something, not bees) They will also do an MRI later today. Her eyelids are beginning to swell because of the fluid. They did an EEG this morning and the preliminary results don't seem to show seizure activity...not really sure what that means as far as the pupil, but glad she's not having seizures. Her temperature is low right now, and not coming up too quickly despite extra blankets. Hopefully that will rectify itself soon. I am absolutely floored by all the prayers from so many of you I don't even know. Thank you doesn't seem to encompass my gratefulness. It means more than you know to hear from people all over the country (And Asia :)) praying for our sweet girl.
Check out the family blog:

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