Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Out of PICU?

Today was a good day.  Brayden is almost back to his normal self.  Moments of big eyes and his "talking".  Even shouting out when he wanted the music in the movie to come back (shouting loud enough a nurse came to check on him).
The arterial line was removed.  He only has one IV in place.  His feeds, through his j-tube, are slowly being increased.  The majority of his medications are being administered through his j-tube as well.  So far he has been tolerating it all.  His labs are almost in the normal range.

Brayden had an EKG this morning that looked good.  The tech told me he had two previous EKGs, one in the ER (which I kind of remember) and another that I don't recall him having.  Those previous EKGs were quite abnormal, according to this tech, so it was great this morning's test was looking good.  The bad EKG results were probably a result of his electrolytes being a mess.

That kind of progress will get him out of the PICU...if only there was a bed on the general floor.  We have been awaiting a bed.  This evening Brayden was moved to another room in the PICU while we wait for a bed on the general floor, they need his room for another critical child.  This other room in the PICU...well it is a room with four beds, patients, nurses and all of the equipment.  And of course there is the "magical" curtains that divide the patient's space.  It is tight.
Brayden should be able to move to the general floor and have GI take over his care from there.  We have to wait and see what tomorrow brings.

The staff in the PICU has been amazing.  Incredibly kind and on top of Brayden's care.  Today I was in the elevator with the PICU doctor team.  We were all heading to the café.  I just needed a break from the room and was going to get coffee.  We all walked off the elevator to find the café was closed.  The doctors asked if I was going to head to the cafeteria.  Instead, I headed back to Brayden's room.  About a half hour later, one of the doctor's delivered me a coffee.

Coffee and a happy Brayden makes for a better day.  As well as a fabulous faux hawk for hospital bed head.

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