Monday, September 8, 2014

No sleep in the sleep clinic

Taking Brayden to the sleep clinic.  For several months, he has been snoring like an old man (perhaps like one of his great-grandpas).  We have been watching and monitoring his sleep at home.  His oxygen dips down a bit and his heart rate is high for being asleep.  At first I thought it could be seizure related so we changed the meds but that made no difference in the lack of quality sleep.

Off to a sleep clinic, probably not the best idea to do it right when school is starting since he is not in the best of moods.  Well today took the cake...

He fell asleep in the car.  As any parent knows that a child falling asleep in the car can be a horrible thing when you have to wake them upon arrival.  I had to wake him.

He started screaming the moment we entered the building.  We enter the sleep clinic, a quiet serene place, soft spa music playing, the woman at the front desk had a soft whisper of a voice...and Brayden is SCREAMING.  A full tempertantrum was happening and it was not pretty.

I attempted to complete the new patient paper work but I could barely concentrate.  I tossed the paper work at the front desk and tried to explain over his screams that I am not sure we could do the appointment.  I explained that I would try to walk him around outside in hopes he would calm down.

This tempertantrum was horrible.  Screaming, slamming his fists down.  He was kicking his legs out of his wheelchair and throwing his head out of the head rest.

I hurried outside and tried to push him around, in hopes that would help him.  Then I tried to talk to him.  I figure if he knows enough to have a tempertantrum like this then he can have a strern talking to.  I spin him around in his wheelchair to face me, "Brayden Nathan, you need to calm down right now!  Stop kicking your legs out, it needs to be all done."  As I am talking to him very sternly, the soft-whisper lady appears...hearing me lecture my child in a wheelchair in a parking lot, who is barely in a wheelchair at this point (head and legs out) and I am trying to strap him his legs down in attempt to keep him in.  In my hurry to leave the office, I left the insurance cards and she didn't want me to leave with out them.

I am pretty sure she put a "special" sticker on our file...perhaps to signal "crazy mom".

Brayden finally calmed down (30 min after our appt time) to a tolerable decible.  We attempted to go in the office again.  He protested but not for too long.

We talked to the doctor, answered a lot of questions.  Basically, he needs to do a sleep study in a couple of weeks in hopes that could give us some answers.

He had a sleep study several years ago and had his tonsils and adenoids removed.  So we could be looking at putting him on CPAP at night...

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