Thursday, March 10, 2011

Brayden aka 4 socks

Carter and Luke adore Brayden.  They always include him in so many ways.

I came down the stairs to find that Luke had pulled up a chair next to Brayden and was reading him a stack of books.  Brayden was leaning as far over as he could, to be right next to Luke.

Lately, Brayden has not be able to suck on his fingers for comfort.  Instead he has been chewing away on his hands.  In fact making them crack and bleed quite a bit, it is rather pitful and painful.  To protect his hands, we have been putting socks over his hands.  Luke has lovingly nicknamed him "4 socks".


kirstenpetree said...

I love how much Brayden's brothers care fore him, melts my heart. They are growing into wonderful little boys.

I noticed you commented on Layne's blog about the g-j tube. Layne's GI is considering that an option if the new formula doesn't do anything. Can you give me any advice on it? You can email me at

Shannon said...

The photo of Luke and Baryden is beautiful.