Monday, March 28, 2011

Advice on Wheelchairs

We are starting the process to get Brayden a new wheelchair.  He currently has a KidKart.  I know that some people reading this blog have great experience with wheelchairs...let me know what you like and do not like.  I am looking online but not sure what to make of anything.  We are meeting with Brayden's physical therapist and the medical equipment company soon and I need ideas.

Qualities I would like to have for Brayden's wheelchair:
  • Support - he needs serious support, he cannot hold his head, body, etc.
  • Tilt - the chair needs to tilt from a good sitting position to reclining
  • Tray - Brayden uses a tray alot, we need the wheelchair to have a tray to attachment
  • Wheels - good wheels on the chair that can handle alot and not need to be replaced and make for a smooth ride
  • Bus - needs to use on the school bus
  • Car - need to load into a car, hopefully not by breaking down into several pieces
  • Grows with Brayden - adjustments can easily be made as he does not like to help with wheelchairs too often
Bonuses would be:
  • Canopy - Brayden is not a fan of the sun.  Having a little something to cover him would be great.
  • Basket or pouch - to help lug around Brayden's gear
  • Not ugly - I know this one is vain but we have a lot of equipment, if it can look nice, I am going for the nice look.  Wheelchair can look very industrial and/or instutional...we need one with pizazz.
Ok, people leave me your is not like I can go to the store and try them out.


MrsFought said...

just got our Kimba today. So far it meets all your criteria!!! I'd check into that!!!

kirstenpetree said...

Layne has the Kimba by Ottobock. I like it alot. I has lots of support and it tilts. It has a tray and a canopy and pouch. It is not ugly, in fact most people don't recognize it as a wheelchair they just think it is a really fancy stroller. I am not sure if it goes on the bus but I imagine it can, I know Layne's has tie downs on it. We have a minivan and I don't even have to fold it to put it in the back while traveling. But if you do have to I think it is about as simple as it can get, no breaking down. I believe it has quite a bit of growth and if you get the bigger size frame, all you have to do is get the bigger seat part later on.

Here is a link

Tracie said...

I have a couple of kids in my classroom (pre-school for children with multiple handicapps) that have Kimbas. You can tie them down on the bus as long as they are equipped with tie downs. My experience is that you have to ask for this and insurance doesn't always pay for the tie downs. Something to ask about.....

Tracy said...

Jack has a Freedom Zippie. Here's a blog post with pics on it. He just got a new heatrest.
It really helps with head stability but he can still move his head forward a little so he feel in control.
It can colapse down but since I have a minivan I don't have to do that. It's kind of heavy but I think all wheelchairs are. It does not have a canopy but I purchased a really cool umbrella from and love it. It moves all around and can switch sides easily. Here is another blog post with pics.

I think it had everything else that you mentioned. Good support, it tilts back really far, it has a tray but we never use it, wheels were small in the front (5 inch) so we are getting 7 inch, it has bus tie down but you have to ask for them, adjustments are made by the DME provider but are easily done. It does not have a basket but you may be able to order one.
If you have any questions or want to see more pics you can email me at
Good luck,

Bugg's mama said...

We have the Quickie by Zippie. It has worked famously for us. I know that you can get extra doodads on it for stuff you need/want. LIke a canopy and extra head support. I love that it comes in all sorts of different colors like orange, pink, and camo!

Wyatt will be able to use it from 2 years til 7 or 8 probably.

Leah said...

i can tell you what NOT to get. the kids rock. i think i heard somewhere that they recently went out of business, so hopefully no one will recommend it to you. we were advised that it would be the best for wyatt and so far it is nothing but a big hassle. so anyway, down vote for the kids rock... good luck!

sue ellen said...

Zippie Iris with stroller handle. Can customize with different positional pieces, including laterals made specifically to fit your little guy's ribcage. My Jimmy needed a chair with optimal support and lots of recline (tilt-in-space), and after a LOT of research, this is the one we chose, hands-down. Started out with Kid Kart Express when he was really little.

john said...

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