Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Before we leave

  • Brayden must get over strep.  Yes, he has come down with strep.  A few days of a fever and being miserable.  Now on antibiotics.  Hopefully he feels better quickly.
  • We must collect yet another set of stool samples (8 containers of poo) and one urine sample.  A stool sample to check his pancreas again.  The enzymes are not doing much, if anything at all.  Brayden is not gaining weight yet.  Slowly weaning off the ketogenic diet still.
We have been busy with feeling sick and doctor appointments.


kirstenpetree said...

I hope he feels better very soon! Layne just had strep a couple of weeks ago and the antibiotics kicked in pretty quickly! I also hope he can start gaining weight soon. This is a problem we deal with too.

MP said...

praying for you guys carrie!!

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

So sorry to hear that Brayden is sick. Praying the antibiotics will kick in and he will be feeling better in no time. Also praying about his weight gain!