Monday, November 2, 2009

Trick or Treat or ER

Our Halloween day was a busy one. It was a long 24 hours so you might need to take a break while reading.

Carter and Luke had a big soccer game (Waterford vs. Waterford). They won 3-1 and Carter scored 2 goals. However during the game Brayden was in an intense seizure. I gave his Diastat, med for bad seizures. It did nothing, in fact the seizure was getting progressively worse. Jeremy was coaching, Carter and Luke playing. I watched the game, watched Brayden. After the game, we quickly rushed home and called the neurologist on call.

Here is my conversation.
Me: "Hi, my 2 year old son, history of seizures, is having a bad seizure. We gave him Diastat and it did not do much."
Neuro: "How much Diastat? How long ago?"
Me: "He is on a low dose at 5 mg and we gave it to him about an hour ago. For a total seizure time of about 1.5 hours. Not a seizure that he is coming in and out of, a seizure that has lasted that long. Can we give him another dose of the Diastat?"
Neuro: "You need to hang up the phone with me and call 911. Since he has been in a seizure that long."
Me: "Really? We cannot just give him another Diastat? He has seizures all that time."
Neuro: "With a seizure that last that long, Diastat is not going to pull him out of it. He needs heavy medication. Now hang up with me and call 911."
Me: "Ok, thanks."

We call 911. They arrive, we know them, we know that medic. They take him to the hospital. We know the doctor, the nurses and the techs.

Jeremy rode with Brayden to ER. I stayed home with Carter and Luke got them ready for trick or treating.

At the ER Brayden was given an IV of Ativan and some oxygen. His o2 levels were not so good and he got the little nose of oxygen. This seizures lately have been effecting his o2 and they have not in the past. The Ativan quickly took affect, Brayden slept and when he woke he was much better.

I got the call Brayden was ready to be discharged. I dropped Carter and Luke off with some friends for trick or treating. I go the hospital pick up Jeremy and Brayden bring them home. I then head out to meet up with Carter and Luke.

Brayden coming off of Ativan has not been pleasant lately. He screams and screams. He screamed himself to sleep after coming home from the ER.

Some where in the midst of Jeremy getting him in bed and me giving Brayden's meds...his J-tube was not plugged in properly. We did not realize this until, oh, 4:30 a.m. The feeding pump had been running all night, not into his intestine but all over his bed. And since his J-tube was wide open, all things in the intestine leaked out. Not good (we have been trying to catch up with his fluids since).

We gave Brayden a bath and settled him back in to bed. Jeremy left for a trip.

A few hours after that I loaded the boys in the car and left for church. Brayden decided to vomit 2x on the way there. Enough that I had to stop the car 2x on the side of the road and take care of the rain. We finally arrived...I was volunteering that morning and was late and flustered.

Oh it was a memorable Halloween. Brayden did have an adorable Halloween shirt that glowed in the dark. Only the ER staff got to see it.

Carter and Luke did make it for trick or treating and had fun (Thanks to the Colemans for helping them have a great Halloween). Check it out.


kirstenpetree said...

I pray things get better for you very soon. I don't know how you do it...keep your head up!

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

Praying that you are able to get some answers about these seizures! And that you will have a peaceful week!

Megan said...

Sounds like more of a scary Halloween than a fun one. Will be praying about this recent bout of long lasting seizures. God knows the answer.

Michelle said...

Wow, sounds like a wild halloween, I'm so sorry, I'm glad you were able to keep it together for your little men, praying for some kind of peace for you guys.