Saturday, November 7, 2009

A good haircut

For those of you with special needs kids, especially those with sensitivity to touch, know that haircuts are a battle. A real battle.

God has blessed Brayden with a thick head of hair, over compensating for his little head. He needs a haircut more than I care to do. We tried doing them at home...resulting in Brayden screaming/crying and Jeremy and I doing the same...a disaster. Then we started trying an actual barber shop. He would cry. Then the past few times he would squirm and fuss but at least no screaming. His attendant holds him because I cannot handle making him uncomfortable or cause him stress so it stresses me out to hold him for a haircut.

Well yesterday, he did this...

No his eyes are not just closed during the picture. He is asleep, really asleep and he slept for the entire haircut. The easiest haircut he has ever had.

He could have been tired because the night before he was partying it up at Chuck E Cheese. A place that has been sensory overload (for me too) was fun for him. He loved staring at the lights.

He could not have been too tired because some how he slept there right in the middle of Chuck E Cheese with all that noise.

He woke back up and had a grand time with the robotic Chuckie. He loved the music, the swirling lights and he sang right along.


kirstenpetree said...

awww he is just so cute!! Layne barely has any hair but I'm sure the first haircut he needs will be rough with lots of crying!

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

So cute! Sleeping through a hair cut - what a great idea!

Emily doesn't cry through her haircuts, but we struggle with positioning since she cannot sit up or hold up her head very well. She has had 4 haircuts already, but they weren't very good because she is so wiggly. She actually needs another one and I dread it.