Thursday, November 12, 2009

Backpack full of goodies

Brayden's backpack today was filled with things.

1. Apparently his tube leaked today all over his clothes. In his back pack a bag of wet stinky clothes...he had to be changed at school.

2. Report of more seizures today. He is having more than we would like...awaiting word from the neurologist on what to do.

3. A gourd. A what? Yes a gourd. The gourd is bumpy...lots of great texture. And he painted it with assistance. What a great idea for therapy. Painting a bumpy gourd (which keeps loading sideways but I guess a gourd looks pretty much the same no matter which way the picture loads).

4. Progress report. Kind of like Brayden's first report card, only it is an IEP progress report. Reviewing his IEP goals. Did he make sufficient progress (SP)? Is it an emerging skill (ES)? Insufficient progress (IP)? Has he mastered (M) that skill?
For the most part Brayden's goals received an ES, he is working on them. As much as we would like him to meet all his goals, the fact that he rides the bus and goes to school is a huge goal reached anyway.


K said...

Go Brayden! Love the painted gourd and IEP progress report! Jack gets those too, but for his speech. Yay for the accomplishment of just going to school - you are doing great!!!

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

Way to go Brayden! That is a pretty cool gourd! So sorry to hear about the seizures - so frustrating. Hope you are able to get some answers soon!