Saturday, October 10, 2009

To be the little brother

Brayden is the youngest of three boys. His life is busy but so are his brothers. Thankfully we have Carter and Luke is keep us living the "normal" life, not consumed by the medical, therapy, special needs world. Brayden has learned to go along for the ride, as I think many of the youngest siblings have to do.

The adventure this weekend...
A corn maze (Carter and Luke looking over the corn maze from the bridge in the middle of the maze).

Carter and Luke love to do this. Brayden is going along for the ride. A ride in a double jogger stroller. A double jogger that I had from when Carter and Luke were little. I have not moved to a single jogger...well because I cannot find one to fit Brayden properly. I am trying to order him a special wheelchair/jogger stroller, which is a long process. His wheelchair that he uses everyday is not so conducive to the outdoor terrain. (Any stroller/wheelchair ideas are welcome).

So he sits in a double jogger. One seat for him, one for his feeding pump bag.

We all had a good time. And Brayden, well I think he just tolerated yet another outing. For more family pictures, check out the family blog.

I am always amazed at how well he does being toted around to just about everything.

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Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

I think you do such a great job of exposing all of your boys to new stuff. What a great experience for all 3 of them!

It is hard to figure out how to go to those places. We took Emily to a farm for her 1st birthday and it did not go very well at all. The stroller didn't work very well and there was a corn cannon that scared the living daylights out of her! I want to do the "normal" things but sometimes I just cannot figure out how to make it work. Guess I just need to keep on trying!