Sunday, June 8, 2014

Team el Tortuga Brayden for Jill's House

Ride for Jill's House.  Hundreds of motorcyclists riding to raise money for Jill's House, the respite facility that host kids for weekends and/or camps.

Brayden's respite worker, Stephanie, signed up to ride for Brayden.  In just a few days, she raised over $1700 dollars. 

Hundreds of riders and they raised over $70,000.

Stephanie made a flag to hang from their motorcycle and they were off to ride on the beautiful Saturday.  She said the ride was amazing.
The next day, they drove the bike out to the house for us to see and of course get some photo ops...
We just couldn't help ourselves, especially because he didn't protest and went along with the helmet and sitting on the bike.

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