Sunday, June 15, 2014

Needed Respite

After a long and hectic last week of school Brayden was ready to head to Jill's House.  I, on the other hand, did not plan this one quite so well.  Jeremy was out of town all week, Carter had 5th grade something many nights, I helped with the carnival and hosted all of the 3rd grade for a pool party...then had to load Brayden and all of his gear to head to Jill's House.  I was hot and sweaty and stressed.

Thankfully Jeremy made it home, literally jumped from his truck into my car to head to Jill's House with Brayden.  Carter at his pool party with friends and Luke hanging with his friends.

Headed in and I got Brayden ready for bed with all his meds and food.  Hugs and kisses goodbye and he was exhausted from the week and his eyes could barely stay open any longer.

The weekend went well except for a call concerning his seizures.  Apparently he had two small episodes of not breathing seizures.  Thankfully only lasting a matter of seconds, not turning blue but enough to alarm the staff and give us a call.  And thankfully no more episodes.
As always, Brayden loved the pool (asleep again), outside walks and music.

One of our favorite parts of his Jill's House stay, is picking him up.  We miss him so much but that is not all.  He "talks" all the way home, very enthusiastically telling us all about his weekend.  It is the best thing.

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