Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Battle of the Syringes

Over the years, Brayden has been on many medications.  Some not so typical medications or needed to made a certain way in order to give via feeding tube or because of the ketogenic diet.  We has always used a local specialty pharmacy.  The first has to restructure so we changed to another local one, Leesburg Pharmacy.

It has been the place that has that world local feel, where they know your name and go above and beyond to help.  We are at the pharmacy at least once a week to fill Brayden's many medications (to bad insurance will not let us fill all at the same time, it would make life so much easier). 

A letter came in the mail that we were going to close up shop except for their compounding center.  Yikes, find a new pharmacy?!

All their records where switched over to chain store, in the same shopping center.

The transition has been rough...not running his insurances properly (every time), giving us the incorrect number of pills (30 less that what we should get) and then the problem with giving the medication.

Brayden gets all of his meds via tube, the prescriptions even saw so.  The pharmacy does not have nor can gets us syringes to give him medications.  Brayden's feeding supply company cannot issue us syringes that small.  The pharmacy's resolve was to measure in a cup...problem when you are measuring to the .25 ml...and I am not that talented to measure things that meticulously without a syringe.  And then how am I supposed to get the liquid out of the bottle to measure those little amounts.

We need the little stopper that goes in the bottles and syringes that fit in it to give the medications.

You would have thought I asked them some crazy question when asking for those, as if they have never heard of it.  Brayden cannot be the only one who needs those.

I surrendered to the fact that they could not help us so I needed find some on my own.  I ended up purchasing (for too much money) the supplies and way too many hours wasted.  And now need to find a new pharmacy that can meet all of Brayden's medication needs, syringes and all. 

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kirstenpetree said...

I love those baxa syringes and I buy them at the hospital pharmacy! They also have adapta-caps that come in different sizes that fit on the bottles and the syringes fit perfectly. You might check your children's hospital pharmacy!