Monday, April 7, 2014

Those Seizures

Four seizure medications (plus other meds):
And the new addition, Klonopin

Brayden's seizures have increased since coming off the ketogenic diet.  We knew is would happen.  His neurologist knew it would happen.   Coming off the diet and he is growing...changes to medications need to be made.

At first we increased his Lamictal and Phenobarbital.  That took the edge of the seizures for a bit.  But then the last few weeks, he would have multiple seizures in the evening (4-6 seizures).  And then days with multiple seizures in the morning and evening.  And sometimes the seizures would look different than his typical ones.  Thankfully the seizures were short, not major trouble with breathing and he would recover quickly.

Ugh, I hate seizures.  I hate seeing him have seizures.  But the balance of a tolerable amount of seizures (as if any amount of seizures is tolerable) to being completely snowed by medication...hard to find the balance.


Anonymous said...

although i LOVE teaching children with special needs, seizures is one part i despise. they're awful. :( i hope brayden's neuro can find a perfect balance for him soon

Vivianne said...

Such a hard place to be. I hope you find a balance that works for you guys. God be with you xx