Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Birthday Boy's theme song this year...

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to.

The day of Brayden's birthday, he was not in the partying mood.  He was tired (perhaps from our zoo visit the day before).  He was not wanting to leave his bed much, so Carter and Luke brought the party to him.

They blew up balloons (from a left over tank I had) and decorate each one of them.  A big bunch and more to hang around Brayden's bed.
 Jeremy came home and we had our own little birthday party, just the five of us.

I wanted Brayden to sit up in his chair, like a big boy, to help open his presents and have tasting of his cupcake. 
However, Brayden was not having it.  No matter his age, he would rather curl up in daddy's lap.
Some how, the dog decided she needed to be in on the action and quickly found her place right next to Brayden.
Once everyone was settled, we opened gifts, sang Happy Birthday and had cupcakes.
Brayden had no problems with a little taste of icing.
Not quite the big birthday party we usually have but none the less, Brayden was not the mood for big hoopla, just a quiet birthday afternoon.
 Brayden had no problem letting us know when it was time to wrap up the festivities...
 Brayden is 7 seven years old.  WOW.

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happy birthday!