Monday, January 27, 2014

Surgery on those legs

Time to work on those legs and with a side of Botox.

Brayden's right leg continues to be problematic...tight and making him uncomfortable.  Both legs scheduled for Botox and the right leg to have a hamstring release.  Brayden was all smiles in pre-op (apparently a little too comfortable in this oh so familiar place).
I thought the surgery was going to be quick, about 30 minutes but almost 2 hours went by before the nurse came to get me (waiting can do strange things to ones nerves).  Brayden usually has a hard time coming out from anesthesia, upset and a some seizures, so I expected him to not be pleased after this procedure...waking up with people still picking at him and the blood pressure cuff that ticks him off every time it starts squeezing.
As time went on I started to see that Brayden was not only mad he was in pain.  He has this cry that sounds like he is trapped and desperately screaming for help while trying to crawl out of his skin.  The PACU nurses tried to help with some meds but we realized he needed more.  But the surgeon went back into to surgery and could not be reached.  So they found the anesthesiologist who ordered some good stuff.  But I didn't want to be sent home on a Friday night without his pain under control and a long drive home in rush hour.  So the pediatrician's office was called and a wonderful nurse drove over a prescription to our pharmacy (heavy meds cannot be called in to a pharmacy).
Brayden had a rough night and following day at home.  The day after surgery was rough.  Lots of seizures and vomiting.  I think the vomiting was from the breathing tube aggravating his throat.  Finally after some more pain meds and a diastat (emergency seizure med) he found some rest.

After the weekend, we went back to the ortho surgeon to unwrap everything and check the incisions.  Oh he was not happy with that appointment.


Dorien Langstraat said...

Oh poor child en poor you, having to go through that again! We pray he will heal quickly and that has the desired effect!
Simeon had surgery 3 weeks ago and also coming out of the anaesthetic is always horrible. They also gave him more pain meds because he was also crying the "pain-cry". Oh how well do we mothers recognize that!
Continue to pray for you!
in Christ,
Dorien Langstraat

Unknown said...

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