Wednesday, January 1, 2014

His Christmas break

Brayden is a huge fan of Christmas break...for the most part.
Christmas Eve at Grandma Ellie and Papa Warren's house.  Brayden is parked by the roaring fire and lights, good for the rest of the night.  He even endures the singing, explosion of the gift exchange and cousins all around (a quiet Christmas Even does not happen but it is so cozy).
Carter took on the responsibility of helping Brayden open his presents, trying to get Brayden participating.
Then Christmas morning.  Carter and Luke were up early (we started hearing the giggles at 5:45 a.m.).  That was not when Brayden was going to get up, nor do we want him up that would not end well.

And the boys went off to get my surprise gifts.  A couple of necklaces...with turtles (Brayden's mascot).  Jeremy, Carter and Luke designed a necklace for and a turtle.  It was so precious to see how excited they were to have these surprise gifts.

Then to Maryland with MeMe and Papa Johnson.  More chaos and noise.  Brayden handled it for a awhile, then needed a break (a little rest in the bedroom).
A busy Christmas break, with brother sports, practices, family time...even Johnson professional family photo when we, for the first time, left Brayden in his wheelchair instead of holding him (will share those when we get them).
All Brayden wanted was to be home with his brothers, sitting by the could not be any better.

And Brayden spent his New Years in bed and asleep by 7:00 p.m.

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Unknown said...

Cute! Looks like they all had fun.