Sunday, January 19, 2014

A camping we will go...

Well, that is what we call Jill's House for Brayden...his camp because it is his little retreat and his version of camp like his brothers' overnight camp in the summer.  And really our best way to explain Jill's House to other people.  A place filled with fun activities, lots of kids, music, crafts, swimming, etc.

I loaded up Brayden on Friday night for his 3rd weekend.  Like last time, I got Brayden ready for bed since the nurses were busy checking in all of the kids and Brayden's bedtime routine is time consuming.  And I don't mind doing it because I get to see Brayden settle in at Jill's House and see how he reacts to being back.

Pulling up to Jill's House and getting Brayden out of the car is interesting to watch.  He gets a very disgruntled face as if he was thinking "What am I doing out, I don't do nights?!" or "I am not liking this".  Then wheeling him in to Jill's House, he starts taking it all in.  His grouchy old man face relaxes and his eyes get bigger...he knows where he is and he likes it.  Then he looks very content and even blessing us with a few grins and happy noises.

We met a couple of new nurses (new to Brayden), they were very detailed about Brayden's care and medical needs, which I very much appreciate.  I finished his nighttime meds and they wheeled him off for his stay.

How was Brayden's stay?!
Another successful weekend.

He even had some time with the therapy dog that visits Jill's House.  Upon pick up they gave us a picture of Brayden with the sweet dog.
Each time they wheel him out for pick up, he looks so much older, mature and bigger.  This pick up time, I had a few helpers (Carter, Luke and a friend). 
These weekends have proved to be such a treat for him (while we were at basketball games and wrestling matches for the boys).  And he "talks" about his stay all the way home...he really has a lot of say about all of his fun.


Anonymous said...

sounds like a fantastic weekend! reading about all the fun brayden had, i think i want to go there!

Leighann said...

This one made me smile. The fact that he likes going and tells you on the way home. Did this mama's heart good tonight. :)