Thursday, December 19, 2013

Toy Delivery Day

This year's Toy Drive for Inova Children's Hospital was a HUGE success!  It is humbling to realize how many people helped out this year.  From the Sluggers baseball club (and my boys don't even play baseball) to the Western Loudoun Basketball League and the D1SA Spartans.  From Coach's Corner Restaurant to Hamilton Service Center and Velocity Wings.  And so many generous individuals that donated time and toys!

We collected over 1000 items for the hospital.  Wonderful handmade blankets, movies, video games, lots of books, crayons, tons of games, dolls, stuffed animals, trucks, action figures, jewelry (for those older  teenage pediatric girls), and even the most perfectly wrapped skateboard (seriously whoever that was need to service out their wrapping skills).  Oh and a lot of that hot gift of the year, Cra-Z-loom bracelet maker!

We had so many toys I started to panic a were we going to get them all there?!  My packing skills and slightly OCD need for order was put to test with this load.  I had no idea so many toys would be donated.  Next year will be a Uhaul.

We folded down all the seats and stuffed the car from top to bottom with toys.  All of the blankets and pillows surrounding Carter and Luke in their seats (this year I could not take Brayden, there was no room for him and his wheelchair).  Then we strapped down the rest on the back of the car.
On the way to the hospital, we got some thumbs up and waves for our load (that or they were alerting me that my boys were collapsed under a giant mound of toys in the car).

Arrived at the hospital and there were many rounds of unloading the taking into the hospital.

The Child Life staff at the hospital sorts the toys then gives many to the children in the hospital and those coming and going (Brayden has even received some when there for an outpatient procedure and inpatient).  Some may go to the siblings of the children.  Some may be used in the Child Life playroom.  All will go to great use.

And being on the receiving end for Brayden (thankfully not for a while), I can tell you it is such a joy to know that complete strangers have been thoughtful enough to brighten my families day with a gift.

A note from a mom about her daughter, just last week:  (She) had to have surgery at Inova Fairfax on Wednesday. One of the few times she smiled while there was when Santa came and showered her with presents. Not just one present but three and a book and a homemade pillow.

Thank you, thank you to all of those who generously donated.  I know there are many great things to give to and we feel blessed that so many gave to this toy drive.


Anna Whiston-Donaldson said...

This is so great! What a blessing to so many kids!

Unknown said...

You and your family are doing the work of the Lord. May God bless you all! Merry Christmas!