Monday, December 2, 2013

Annual Giving Back at Christmas with the Jenkins

Merry Christmas!I am sure that everyone is busy getting ready for all of their holiday excitement!  Decorating, baking, shopping, etc.  I absolutely love the holidays!
I wanted to let you know about two opportunities to give back during this holiday season for what has become part of our annual traditions.  The boys and I are working on a couple of things and would love to give you the opportunity to give as well! The last couple of years have been a great success and want to do the same this year!
Toys for Inova Fairfax Children's Hospital.
We know too well, the time and money that is involved in any hospital stay.  Inova Fairfax is where many of the chronically or critically ill children of Northern Virginia are taken for medical care. Many families struggle with this during the holiday season.  Staying at the hospital for any length of time is exhausting on the family and the wallet.  We want to gather as many gifts as we can so that the families staying at the hospital over Christmas time have an opportunity for gifts.  Over the next three weeks the boys and I will be collecting toys to take to the hospital.  Toys for any age, books, coloring books or even just a box of crayons.  Big or small, it is all great for the families!

You can drop them off at our house, meet up or we would be happy to come by to pick them up!  
This year we will gathering toys for Inova Fairfax Children's Hospital in honor of two wonderful girls from Waterford:

Jillian D'Errico- 10 year old girl that had a very serious fall just before school started.  She received critical care and attention at Inova Fairfax.  Now she is home, going to school and, as always, being very entertaining. 

Justice Coleman - 8 year old girl, who suffered a life threatening volvulus and infections.  She has spent much time in and out of the hospital over many months, thankfully still covering at home.

Great ideas for gifts:  blankets - even hand made ones (Brayden still uses some from some of his stays), Crazy loom bracelet kits, books, beads/jewelry kits, stuffed animals, video games, movies, etc.
Make-a-Wish letter campaign.  This requires NO money (just time and a postage stamp).
Write a letter to Santa, put it in a stamped envelope and drop it off at Macy's.  Each letter will be a $1 donation to the Make-a-Wish foundation.  As most of you know part of our 2011 year was our Make-a-Wish trip for Brayden.  It was magical beyond words (dare I say better than Christmas!).  If you cannot make it to Macy's, you can give it to us to drop off.
Find out more about this campaign and a fun website for the children.

Thank you for helping us with the opportunity to give during this Christmas season.

If you have any questions, please just let me know.  Email me, efcarrie at aol dot com, for our address or set a time to pick up.

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