Sunday, December 8, 2013

Jill's House stay #2

We were not sure Brayden was going to make it for this Jill's House stay.  They were concerned about the amount time it takes to handle his morning and bedtime medical routine.  They needed more nursing help (because the nurses have to tend to other children as well).  After several phone call, we decided that I would check him in later on Friday night (which is very busy for the nurses because they have to assist with check in and the bedtime routines) and I would do most of the bedtime things.  For the remainder of the weekend, we shifted his times to accommodate the nurses and Brayden's needs as well.  A few days before and we had it set, Brayden was going to Jill's House for his second visit, Friday night through Sunday night.

Carter and I checked Brayden in on Friday night.  I was amazing to see Brayden immediately comfortable and recognized the place.  He was so peaceful and happy...oh how that makes my heart happy (especially he is usually not a fan is different experiences).  Carter saw it to, he knew Brayden like this place.
It was about an hour to get Brayden situated and we headed out, Brayden ready to enjoy his stay.

Our weekend was filled with Carter and Luke's basketball games, then the Jenkins Restorations Christmas dinner...we did sneak out to stay at a nice hotel nearby for one night while Carter and Luke stayed with their grandparents.

Sunday morning was a bit chaotic since a winter storm was starting, a good bit of snow but then lots of freezing rain and ice.  So Jill's House had an early pick up time.  Jeremy headed in to pick up Brayden.  And this was how he was greeted.  My King Brayden!  He had a wonderful time and happy talked his way all the way home, telling daddy all about his own way.

The report was great.  He was spoiled with all of his favorite activities.

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Dorien Langstraat said...

So happy to read Brayden had such a good time! You and he deserved it! Praising the Lord for that!
We haven't found a "Jill's House" for Simeon in the Netherlands yet but is sounds wonderfull and we are praying for a similar place!

greetings in Jesus' Name,
Dorien Langstraat