Thursday, August 22, 2013

Ripley's for fun?

We headed to the Baltimore Inner Harbor for a visit with my brother, his wife and new puppy (Brayden was not impressed with the new puppy...and I was secretly hoping he would love it and the puppy would curl up in his lap for a cuddle...that did not happen.  although Luke did not want to leave the puppy).

We headed down to Ripley's Believe it or Not museum.  Surprisingly, it was a great thing for Brayden.  The place was filled with music, Brayden loves music.  There were lights and buttons for him to push.  A great sensory experience...although I did not push him too much because we don't poke the bear, if you get what I am saying.
He loved the kaleidoscope room, lots of music, lights and mirrors.
 Another great room with music and lights.
And fun with the mirrors.

Ripley's was great for the kids and it was very accessible with lots of things for Brayden to try.  And he handled it all (although he only let me try a few buttons for him to push, it made airplane, car, etc. noises).  The lights and the music made him very happy, which makes me happy.

For more pictures you can check out our family blog.

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