Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Back online

After a battle with my computer and internet connection...I now have a new computer and new internet connection.  And am ready to blog more about the summer.

The big news (not really so don't get too excited), Jeremy and I had a night away...kinda sorta.

Carter and Luke went to their first sleep away camp in TN.  Jeremy and I drove them to the camp (meeting up with some friends and cousins that went too).  Brayden was not going to handle the 6 hour drive there and turn around to drive another 6 hours home so Brayden stayed at home.  His nurse stayed late that night, my parents spent the night and then the nurse came early in the morning so Brayden was well taken care of while we were on the road.

After dropping the boys off at camp, Jeremy and I started the drive home and stopped for dinner and the hotel. 

Do you hear that?  What nothing?  A silent car?  No sign on children?  This could not be my car.
It was strange to not have any child with me.  I have not left Brayden overnight in about 4 years (even then Jeremy was home with him).  And Jeremy and I have not left Brayden overnight in about 5 years (and even then we put him to bed and made it back first thing in the morning).

A very strange feeling...like we were forgetting something.  And I am not used to traveling without Brayden...we had sooo much room in the car without all of his gear. 

Maybe this could lead to actual time away for Jeremy and I...

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Vivianne said...

Oh, but that is a really big deal though! I can only imagine how strange it must have felt. I hope you did not suffer too much mother-guilt over leaving him, and that you and hubby were able to enjoy some time together :) God bless you.