Monday, August 26, 2013

Not a fan of Cat in the Hat and Clara Barton?

Taking Brayden out to any new place is always a little gamble, things can pay off or we can loose (sometimes our sanity).

The boys and I headed to Glen Echo Park in MD for the Cat and the Hat production at Adventure Theater.  Brayden has been handling things much better in his mature age.  I was hoping that he would handle the show.  I did not take into account the crowd.  Before the show, they got the theater fired up...meaning shouting "Are you ready for the show?!"  Replied back from the theater, "YES!"  Well that shouting totally freaked Brayden out and there was no recovery.

I tried to calm him down.  I quickly scooped him out of his wheelchair...a little to quickly.  In my hast, his tube got caught in his wheelchair and out popped his mic-key button.  Now things were leaking on him and all over my pants.  I scramble to find the syringe and the button to put everything back in place (amazingly, this causes him no pain...would kind of think a hole big enough to stick a finger in, right in the middle of his stomach would be some discomfort, but no).  A quick clean up and I am back to trying to bring the calm.
Well he didn't calm down.  I already discussed an exit strategy with Carter and Luke in case I needed to leave with Brayden.  Thankfully the theater is small, so I could just go out in the lobby and they could stay in and watch the show.
 Brayden calmed down and we watched the show on the lobby TV.

After the show we wandered through Glen Echo Park, Brayden could not be any happier being outside and with his brothers.   Then we headed to the Clara Barton house.
Brayden was not too impressed with the house, he just wanted to be back outside.

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