Sunday, July 21, 2013

He likes the Lake

Brayden has been my get-out-of-camping card for quite a while.  Camping and Brayden don't mix (medical things and all)...camping and Carrie don't mix (at least not the well for anything exceeding a night or so).  Part of camping has typically been days on the lake with boats, wave runners and lots of toys.

Jeremy has taken Carter and Luke camping and/or to Lake Anna for fun.  Brayden has not been in several years.  This year we made an attempt for the entire family to join Jeremy's parents, siblings and their families for a day on the lake.

After a long drive...long because Brayden cried the ENTIRE drive...we arrived at the lake.  Is there anything more draining than a child screaming and crying in the car?!  Thankfully that was not a sign for things to come.

Brayden relaxed on the boat for a while then we changed him to his swimsuit, greased him up to loads of sunscreen and then to the water.  The lake water was warm.

Brayden was not too sure about it at first.  It takes him a moment to adjust to new environments.
Then he settled in quite nicely.
And then settled in even more.
So settled he had a nap.  He was in the water for a couple of hours.

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