Saturday, July 6, 2013

Boy was she happy

Yes, I said my house full of boys.

I am talking about the dog.  She was kenneled for our trip to Outer Banks and kenneled for most of my trip with the boys to Myrtle Beach since Jeremy was traveling for work.  I know the kennel spoils her with lots of treats, love and other dogs.  But this dog loves for everyone to be home with her.  I just did not realize how much.

We have trained her to not get on the furniture or to go into the bedrooms.  She can go into Brayden's bedroom since it is on the main floor but she really only goes in when following Jeremy or I.

We just arrived home from Myrtle Beach and the dog was beside herself with excitement that the boys were home.  As I was unpacking things in the kitchen, I turned to Gander and said with big enthusiam, "Let's go check on Brayden!", with a big gesture pointing to Brayden's room.

Well the dog took off towards his room and before I could speak, I see her taking a flying leap into Brayden's bed!!!

She has never, ever been in Brayden's bed.  I did not think it has ever even occurred to her.

Well, it scared me.  It looked like she was going to land right on top of him...and he was hooked up to a couple of things.  It only scared Brayden for a moment then he was pretty content with her being in his bed.

I did not yell at her since I did not want her to freak out and then scare Brayden so I gently coaxed her out of the bed.

Yikes.  She was a little too excited to have him home.

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