Friday, June 14, 2013

Botox and a Bonus

We know Brayden's right leg has been bothering him.  He has been very sensitive about that leg.  He flinches in pain when we change his clothes or diaper, he cries in the car seat, etc.
He was scheduled for Botox to help his leg.  The ortho doctor came in to the pre-op room, she saw something more significant was going on so while he was under for the Botox they took a picture.
 The picture is showing a fracture in his femur.  That could be causing him pain.
Brayden had the Botox in both his legs and his right leg was put in a temporary splint.  The splint is to see if he is more comfortable and if that fracture is the cause of his discomfort.

So far, he is much, much more comfortable so we will be going to the othro's office to get a cast put on...right before our trip to the beach.

And the day did not end there.  After getting home to put Brayden straight to bed for the night, Brayden's nurse tried to leave but her brand new car would not start...a call to AAA and a tow (thankfully it was fixed the next day).


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