Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Getting to the beach

The Outer Banks of NC is not the most accessible beaches.  The Outer Banks is very protective of the dunes.  For the vast majority of house, hotels, etc. there are a lot of steps to climb up and down to reach the beaches.
This location was no different.  We were also very protective of Brayden's chair.  While it may look just like a jogger stroller, it is really a special needs jogger (technically in the wheelchair category)...which makes it a very "special" price.  It is several thousand dollars for this chair, of course insurance helps pay for it.

We tried to minimize the beach exposure to the chair, trying to not let it touch the water or the sand.  Jeremy and I would take turns carrying down his chair, putting it on a mat and then carrying down Brayden.  This carrying will not work much in the future since Brayden is constantly getting bigger.

A bit of a task but Brayden does love the beach.

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