Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Is it little or big?

Assessing things with my limited medical knowledge has been put to the test time and time again.  Yes, my head is cramped with more medical info than I ever dreamed possible.  I actually understand the vast majority of the words/terms/tests that the doctors discuss.

Yet some how, through it all the one prevailing assessment tool is the God given mother's intuition.  I can go through a check list of medical things to help us make decisions but all the while my intuition is like a voice in between all of my logical thoughts...perhaps the whispering from God, telling me that things will be okay.  Sometimes my thoughts are begging for a clear message on which direction to take.

Many time it feels like I may be walking a fine line of just letting things go and mother negligence...ok, may be not negligence but perhaps times when I need to take things more seriously.

For example, this past week some of Brayden's "ugly" little signs have rearing their "ugly" little heads.   Increase in seizures, those troubling looking seizures where he looks and acts trapped.  He had a diastat (his emergency seizure medication).  He has not had a diastat in months.  And a couple more times he had more of those troubling seizures.  He does have seizures daily but these are not his common ones.
Then drainage, lots and lots of drainage in his g-tube drain.  And we cannot forget his irritability, inconsolable irritability.  Then we have started to see his blood sugar has been having blips of being too high.  While that may be common for most people to have days of highs or lows, Brayden's diet is so controlled that things are measured to the tenth of a gram.

It is all something little or really a bigger problem?

Mr. Sunshine...
Could it all (minus the blood sugar) just be teething?  He lost his two front teeth and they may be coming in.  I have yet to get a good feel of those gums...it is like sticking your hands in the mouth of a crocodile...enter at your own risk; plus it induces Brayden's vomiting.  He really could just be teething; increase in pain - increase in seizures; increase in drainage - any mom remembers the drooling mess kids can be when teeth are coming in and Brayden drains into his stomach out his g-tube bag; increase in bad attitude - he is in pain and does not like teething.

Could it be something else?  His pancreas and he is really in pain?  But do we torture him with blood work (and in case you do not remember, blood work for him is torture since we cannot ever find a good vein)?  Do we wait it out?

We are watching.  Checking his blood sugar more often that just once a week.  Checking his urine.  Monitoring those seizures.  If things just worse we know what to do.   For now my mother's intuition is saying it is teething and the blood sugar issue as another medical thing of Brayden's that just does not make sense.

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