Monday, January 14, 2013

Brayden in NC

Shortly after Christmas we loaded up and headed to Gastonia, North Carolina.  Many of the Johnson family gathered to celebrate my grandfather's 90th birthday (his birthday is really the end of January but this was the best time to get everyone together).
There are many people in the Johnson family...most of whom are loud and hilarious...never a dull moment.

Not sure how Brayden was going to handle a couple of nights in a hotel room, many family gatherings (again, are filled with noise and loud laughter), we loaded up.  Jeremy stayed in VA while my brother and his wife helped me out on the road trip.

A hotel room, two queen beds for the three boys and me.  So Carter and Luke shared a bed while Brayden and I snuggled up in the other.

Brayden had no problem sleeping (perhaps with a little medication help).  I popped up his little travel bed and put it on top of the bed.  Once Brayden discovered I was sleeping next to him, he would kick me and swing his arm around to find...all very cute but not so much in the middle of the night.

To the festivities:
Brayden handled it all with flying colors; quite happy to be around everyone and lots of kids.

A great weekend with the extended family...sharing a hotel room with my three boys was entertaining.  Luke worried about sleep walking, Carter talking in his sleep, Brayden blowing out the room with a 4:30 a.m. dirty diaper and machines beeping all night. Everyone still slept well after having lots of fun.

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