Tuesday, December 4, 2012

It is better than surgery, right?

Brayden has hip problems and he has muscle tone issues.

Brayden has had Botox for his legs several times, in hopes that he would be more comfortable, his legs would not be so painfully tight and we could avoid major hip problems.

As part of addressing his hip/leg issues, his othro doctor sent us to get a hip brace, which we picked up today.  A brace for him to start sleeping in...

This is holding his legs at a forty-five degree angle, at the hip, to prevent him from letting his legs falling all the way out and going up (we call it his extreme frog legs).

We start with the brace by using it for an hour, then a little more time the next day, and a little more time the following; with the goal of him sleeping with it at night.

I have to keep telling myself (as we torture Brayden with the brace), this is better than surgery...

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