Thursday, December 6, 2012

I have something in common with Duchess Kate

I was very sick with all of my pregnancies.
With my oldest, I thought it was "normal" morning sickness.  I went to a routine doctor's visit during the pregnancy and ended up with a fast pass straight to the hospital.  Severe vomiting and dehydration that would not I could not get control of on my own.  With each pregnancy it was worse, it lasted longer.  With Brayden it was almost the entire first and second trimester.  I literally slept (and cried a lot) in the bathroom.

I spent quality time with IVs and medications during all of my pregnancies.  It was way beyond morning sickness.  I cannot begin to explain the misery that it was to be pregnant (and some how I have three children!).  My mom would tease me that I never announced my pregnancies in a fun way.  It was always a desperate phone call for help, with me crying.

My dear friend (lives two houses down from me) experienced this with her pregnancy 10 years ago.  She started a foundation, assembled resources and funding for research about Hyperemesis Gravidarum .  A couple of summers ago, she and I were in NYC and spent time talking about it into the wee hours of the night (it may have only been until 10:00 but it felt late).  It is something that really happens, it is really miserable and it is really not taken seriously enough.

With Duchess Kate being declared to have Hyperemesis Gravidarum (NOT, let me repeat it is NOT morning sickness).  My friend was called for interviews and yesterday was a very busy day for her.  Here is a clip from CBS (she was also on Katie Couric), so proud of her.

I have often wondered if this had any impact on Brayden in utereo...

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Courtney said... great that she got to SPEAK about it!!! i hope it helps SO many women!