Sunday, November 4, 2012

No hope for the hat

Cold weather does not agree with Brayden for many reasons...
Long shirt and pants are hard to get on, shorts and t-shirts are so much easier.
Jackets, he does not like putting on jackets and we have a hard time bending his arms to get into the coat.
Shoes, he actually has to wear shoes and shoving his incredibly chubby feet into shoes is a challenge.
Football season, his brother still have football games and that means a lot of layers for Brayden, he has enough trouble moving let alone with lots of layers on.
Hats, Brayden does not like to wear a hat.  Sensory issues, wiggling his head issues and when he gets really determined to prove his point about a hat, he will start banging his head to get the hat off.

This weekend was football and a hat.  We finally surrendered to the idea that it was going to be like this, no matter how many times we tried to fix it.  So it became funny and we had to take pictures (with my dad too!).

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Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

We have the same struggles with Emily's hat. I even sewed a chin strap on it in the hopes that it would help, but alas - it did not!