Saturday, November 24, 2012

Brayden and ICE

A little adventure to start off the Christmas season.
The Gaylord National's Shrek the Halls ICE.
Brayden was given a pair of Shrek ears (as a little token of apology for no handicap parking...).

You can tell Brayden was thrilled with the ears.  However they did help keep his hat on for the ICE.  And he and his Papa hung out while the rest of us were enjoying the ice slides.
Brayden did amazingly well.  By lunch time he was tuckered out and fell asleep (like his Great-Grandpa Johnson who can fall asleep any where).  But was back awake and ready to enjoy the Christmas village at the Gaylord National.
Days like this are big steps for Brayden.  He handled an entire day away from home.  Surviving the ICE temperatures of 10-12 degrees, wrapped up in blankets and a giant coat, the chaos and noise all around him...and he seemed to enjoy it all.

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