Tuesday, November 20, 2012

New car seat

Brayden has been using the same car seat for several years.  A regular car seat that we bought years ago at a typical store.  Brayden has grown a lot this year and we are trying to catch up to his big boy size.

First new gear to arrive...the car seat.

We did a trial run in the house.  Fit all the buckles/straps and let him hang out in the house to try it out...he did not seem impressed.

Then we were out for the maiden voyage, just down the road in Waterford.  And he handled it fine.

The delivery of the car seat opened up the conversation in our house (and with my friends) about a wheelchair accessible car.  Why and when is the right time to make that happen.  I have many strong ideas on this but that will be a blog for another day (I will sort out my thoughts and try to not sound to vain and superficial).


dannette said...

We have a lift van and have had it for about a year. Love it as it gives us so much more freedom to go and we are in and out lots. It was getting harder to lift Meya's wheelchair into the back of the van and get her situated in her special needs carseat etc... She gets such a great view this way too! I have to admit that in my heart I am more of a truck kind of gal (and drive my husbands truck when it is just me), but I felt that way when we got our first mini van too, so it just is what it is for me.

Thomas said...

Maybe the car seat was too plain that’s why Brayden wasn’t impressed at all. By the way, how old is Brayden? I also think that you should invest in a wheelchair accessible vehicle to make your travelling easier and comfortable.

-Thomas Wright