Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New to the Office - paperwork

Brayden has been seeing most of his doctors for quite some time.  If we do see new doctor, it is usually in the Children's system and we do not have much paperwork/intake to do for Brayden.

I loathe new patient intake and paperwork.  I do not want to regurgitate all of the information, then if they ask for past surgeries and they really want to know all of them?

Later this week we will be taking Brayden to a new dentist.  Our family dentist has been helpful at trying little things here and there (not even counting most as a visit but checking Brayden when his brothers have an appointment).  We needed a pediatric dentist, who handles special needs children and does sedation.

I called this week for the intake phone call.  I answered typical questions about contact info, insurance, etc.  Then came the medical history, thankfully not over the phone.  I downloaded the form.  Thankful that I could sit and home and fill it out, rather than in the office (since it takes to long).  So many questions to answer; deciding what info to give and what leave out, after all this is for the dentist.  I finally stopped trying to fill in the questionnaire since I was running out of room and attached our sheet on Brayden's medical history.

There was no way his medication list would even fit on their questionnaire.

I hope this dentist works out...the wait list for Children's dentist is too long.

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