Thursday, March 8, 2012

Legs and Tummy

Brayden had a check-up with his orthopedic surgeon.  Legs/hips are looking good.  His hips are rolling out, which is a good thing since his legs were getting stuck turned in.  The incisions are healing nicely.  He will have another round of botox in his legs, probably in a couple of months.

Then later in the week, Brayden's feeding was accidentally put into his stomach, g-tube (he only gets things by j-tube, intestine).  Last time this happened it was a trip to the hospital.  This time, Brayden vomited the little bit of food that went into his stomach, it seemed he got it all out quickly.  We had to stop his feeding into his j-tube. As the afternoon went on he vomited a few more times but nothing to bad.  About dinner time, I picked him up to sit in my lap.  I wanted to him sit with us during dinner.  As I picked him up, a gushing noise was coming from his drain bag.  We attach a drain/vent to his g-tube most days around the clock, it helps relieve his stomach.  Well, this night his bag was filled with blood. 
A short time of getting food into his stomach and he really cannot handle it.  A tiny bit of food caused this.  And it seems to shut down his GI system.  We knew to put him on gut rest.  But the blood concerned me so I put a call into the GI doctor.  We discussed the options (I said no to some of them) and decided on giving him Pedialyte via j-tube at a very slow rate and then introduce his food over the next couple of days.  Brayden handled it all just fine.

Never a dull moment.

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The VW's said...

Scary! Glad he ended up handling it well!