Monday, March 12, 2012


Our car had a big moment recently.

I cannot believe the mile that we put on this car (especially since it is NOT used for commuting to work).  But many miles back and forth to doctors, hospitals, tests, etc. 

I have been in the habit of driving around so much that our car feels like a mobile home.  Jumping in for a doctor's appointment (or whatever else) we have:  Diapers, wipes, change of clothes, medications, Brayden's food, medical papers/records, extra mic-key button, movie, music, snacks for me, money for parking and tolls, blankets, water, etc.  And this is just when I have Brayden...if I have the other two boys too, the list grows but at least they are old enough now to gather their things.

I think about all the miles we have traveled the years that we have had this car...I cannot believe the roads we have taken (figuratively).  At lots less fun road trips than I would like and a lot more doctors than I would like.

Still, these are the miles that we have traveled.

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