Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Looking good

Brayden's blood work and quick urine tests look fine.  The doctors were really checking his kidneys and they look good.  Not sure why his urine output seems so low but we are increasing the amount of water he gets in a day.

Then we had 3 straight days of Brayden being happy, making it through school and Carter's basketball game.  The next day he did not make it through Luke's wrestling met.  He was there but just not happy and screamed most of the morning.  In the afternoon he went into a bad seizure and we gave him one of the big meds.  Back to school on Monday and he was doing well.

Can I say he is happier now? That we can actually take him out in public?  That he does not scream to spend every moment in his bed?  Three days in a row of happiness is a record around here.

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