Sunday, February 12, 2012

I am Justice Hear Me Roar

I have not posted much this past week.  Brayden had a good week at school, an actual good week...several consecutive days in a row of being content/happy.  He even had the opportunity to take the therapy dog for a walk at school.

Thank goodness Brayden had a good week because my heart and mind has been aching for our sweet friend Justice.  Justice is only a little bit older than Brayden.  She is one of four children to our wonderful friends.  Friends that we have known long before children.  Justice and Brayden have some of the same diagnoses.  We have been able to walk this life of having special needs children, as well as other children, with them.  And we live just miles from each other!

Over a week ago, Justice was taken to the hospital and in the ICU.  She has been fighting for her life after a volvulus, when the intestines become twisted.  After a few surgeries, infections, etc., she is still fighting. 

All of it makes you appreciate life even more and trust that God has a plan.

The outpouring of love to our sweet little friend has been amazing.  Justice is a little celebrity since she is a star or her very own book, I am Justice Hear Me Roar.  She and her mommy visited many schools and libraries for book readings...making her way into the local newspapers.

We all love this family so much and ask anyone and everyone we come in contact with to pray for her.

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Shannon said...

I think I met this family once at your house. We will be praying for Justice and her family.