Thursday, February 23, 2012

The lame things that I get excited about

  • Medical supplies arrive on time and correct - you would not believe how often it is messed up, back ordered, etc.
  • I can pick up several prescriptions at one time (why it is that of his 10+ medications, they never seem to be coordinated for the pharmacy too much)
  • Free medical supplies or samples - our version of the swag bag
  • Poop in the morning - usually means it is out of the way for the day
  • Sunshine - not loading a wheelchair in the seems to take longer on rainy days
  • Scheduled doctor appts - a plan, I like plans
  • Food is made - having a nurse is wonderful, not only because I can get out but because she makes Brayden's food.  A mixture of several things for his ketogenic diet that requires measuring and weighing, for some reason I just do not like to make his food, I would rather change a diaper.
  • Finishing his food - Brayden is hooked up for more than 20 hours in a day.  When he is not attached to his tube with the feeding pump, it feels so freeing and much easier to hold him and take him around.
  • Opening up a hospital or doctor bill to see a zero balance.  I spend too much time on the phone making sure that each thing is processed through BOTH of his insurance co.  Opening up a bill to find a big balance means back to the phone because things were not processed correctly.
Not lame thing I get excited about is kissing him goodnight.  His little face just asking to be kissed.

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Shannon said...

Love this!! It made me laugh. :-)